• Probing quantum vacuum fluctuations- follow on NewScientist and IQC!
  • EQSL was featured in the IQC promotional video at the 2014 APS March meeting, Denver, Colorado.
  • The DCE gained international attention in 2011/2012. It was named by “Physics World” magazine as the Top 5 Breakthrough of 2011 and received the “Readers Choice” award from “Nature News” (published by “Nature”), meaning that the “Nature News” article on the work was the most read article of 2011. For a detailed report, follow the article The work was also heavily covered in the popular press being featured in a cover story in “New Scientist” magazine as well as being covered in “The Financial Times”, “Le Monde”, “Forbes” and numerous other magazines and newspapers. Dr. Wilson also received the 2012 Wallmark Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for the work.

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