March 18, 2019 – Our paper on quantum-enhanced noise radar was chosen for the cover of Applied Physics Letters!


Nov 8, 2017- Paper on single photon source is now published on PRA!

Aug 31, 2017- Paper on multimode entanglement is now on arXiv!

Two new papers on the arXiv! Check out our publications page!

EQSL wishes all of you a very happy Xmas and a successful new year! 

Oct 10, 2016- Paper accepted in Nature Physics! Congratulations to Pol and team for their novel work in the ultrastrong coupling regime of an artificial atom in an open microwave transmission line.

Feb 1, 2016- New paper on the ultra strong coupling of a flux qubit to an open transmission line.  Follow on arxiv

Sept 29, 2015- Nature Physics for Prof. Wilson and colleagues at Chalmers!

Sept 9, 2015- EQSL welcomes two new master students Chris Warren and Helen Percival. Welcome to the family guys!